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Vampire Red/Fuchsia Shock Review - Manic Panic

Manic panic Products Review

It’s April, so it’s that time of the year when I’m just breaking my back trying to finish any unused school work I may. I’m finishing this year and my last exam is continuing to be on April 19th. It’s just super interesting to finally finish after four years. Genuinely, my university adventure is going to be a different blog assignment of its individual but for now, let’s move on. So because I’m finishing, I have to further get my grad photos made. I actually didn’t mind too much to get them finished (I remember…for someone who knows a terrible lot of photos of herself, it’s mysterious right?) but it’s also for my family haha.

Vampire Red/Fuchsia Shock Review

I hesitated to get them used until the very last month, and I believed I required to do something about my hair. Ere I dyed it the colour I own now, it was very light. The contrast within the colour and my reasons were just too intense. On top of that, the coloured area most familiar to my roots faded the most, so it wasn’t specifically purple anymore – it had a rare brassy tint to it that just didn’t seem cute. So this is something I did.

Before I went blonde (last year), I ever did my hair on my own. My personal brand was Paul Mitchell Products because it held a Vegan Semi-Permanent hair dye that didn’t make any injury to my hair. Of course, the dye had it’s problem too (tough to apply, brands everything, fades badly…), but it was reasonable and my hair had sustained enough destruction from all the other dye jobs I had taken on it.

When I moved back to purple, I found personally using bits of Manic Panic again to keep the colour. I’d mix in a tiny droplet of the dye within my conditioner and apply that as a system of keeping the purple vibrating. Finally, I grew tired of the colour and wasn’t as concerned about keeping it, therefore the mysterious brassy colour.

Yesterday I chose up to two colours of the Manic Panic line at my local drug store. I purchased “Vampire Red” and “Fuchsia Shock”. The fuchsia shock was really a colour I applied a long time ago, but because I used it over best hair style for girls the last time I applied it, it turned into a really dark purple. I used the colour Vampire Red all across the top portion of my hair. In the mid segment of my hair, I combined both dyes to form a transitioning colour. For the bottom half of my hair, I applied Fuchsia Shock. Note that the colours will be modified based on the hair colour it is being used on. My top half was very light, which is why the red set out as vibrant as it did. The bottom half is beautiful dark in relation to the top, but it was because the purple from my former job stayed on much well. It’s little difficult to tell the grade in the picture, but it is clearly much more visible in person.

Well, that’s all for the update. Personal thanks to beauty hair care products for always doing the one to assist me to dye my hair! It’s absolutely made my life more comfortable with a helpful hand.

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