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Manic Panic Purple Haze Review

manic panic dye colors

Hello Beautiful!
Today I want to speak to you about one of my beloved hair colour brands, the traditional Manic Panic.

I have utilised many of their colours individually and professionally and I always declare by their AMPLIFIED and classic methods. They have such an order of colours and they are all mixable and completely customizable. Manic Panic is cruelty-free and are deeply conditioning and don't break the hair.

I love using the most mysterious, AMPLIFIED colours on my unbleached hair. They add a pleasant condition and meaning to the best hair treatment without stripping or replacing your natural colour. I have applied and embraced the AMPLIFIED version of the legendary Vampire Red for times and state by it. So I assumed I would provide the equally famous Purple Haze with a try.

The first thing I remarked was the formula is not as well pigmented as Vampire Red. I also felt slightly more bleeding in this colour.

I use the colour to lightly damp hair (just washed, NOT conditioned) and then wrap in cling wrap. I give it on my hair for taking care of anything within two to six hours, using head hard.

It left my hair thinking really nice. It also added a pretty purple hue to my unprocessed hair. I made find this colour didn't read as drastic of a colour difference as Vampire Red, however red is usually found in the hair so red pigments will ever be more visible.

I do actually like this dye a lot. It isn't my love from, however, it makes look STUNNING on bleached hair.

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