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Manic Panic Hair Dye Review

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When I was just beginning to get involved in dying my hair into some crazy colours, Manic Panic was the name I kept hearing about. Manic Panic has a lot of colours, Manic Panic is simple to use, Manic Panic this and that. Plus, there are several YouTube videos starring them. So of course, I heard it. But is it actually worth it, or it’s just hype? This Manic Panic Hair Dye review will certainly answer your inquiries.


APPLICATION: Just like what everyone has described me, applying Manic Panic is simple. You don’t want to mix it with peroxide, conditioner, or anything. It’s available to use! Plus, the smooth texture made it also easy to apply. Manic Panic's texture is like your moisturizer. But take note, to achieve the coveted colour you must have small hair tone. If you’re not a real blonde like me when you must fade and tone your hair before using this product. Ideally, you need to have level 10 blonde.

PACKAGING: It is packaged in a jar similar to peanut butter or jam which includes 40z. of hair dye. I certainly like it because I don’t require to transport it in a bowl, unlike most hair dyes. I could just slide my brush in it then right to my hair.

SMELL: It actually smells good, like sweet. That… or it’s surprisingly sweet in our bath.

RESULTS: The great news, my hair was moisturized after I used it. The bad news, the colour didn’t go on my level 7 blonde.

Rather of the Deep Purple colour that I was anticipating. But this is what really occurred to my hair, a grey hair with traces of pale violet. And that’s the examination under a fluorescent light. While in normal light, this what it seems like:

My hair has gone multi-coloured! Some colours are grey, green-ish, pink-ish and some signs of violet. But fortunately, I arrived to like the craziness, and a lot of personalities too. I got a lot of recognition! Unhappily, this colour only did for a week. By one and a half weeks my hair began to go back to level 7 blonde with traces of green.

PROS: It moisturizes your hair, and so simple to use. You don’t need to mix anything. Plus, the jar packaging is fewer care.

CONS: Rare and shades won’t actually work unless you’re level 10 blonde or especially white hair. Plus, they’re simple to fade.

I’m very sad to Manic Panic High Voltage Hair Dye. It has so many hypes and it didn’t be up to it. There are other labels I found that last longer and very pigmented. Even brunettes could use them. Although, I haven’t heard the Manic Panic Amplified which I discovered last longer than the European Beauty Tips.

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